Pakistan do not believe they can beat India, says Michael Vaughan

Babar Azam and Co. couldn't chase a target of 120 in T20 World Cup match on Sunday

By Web Desk
June 11, 2024
Former England captain Michael Vaughan. — AFP

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has made a claim on the Pakistan cricket team after their loss against India in the T20 World Cup 2024 saying that they don’t believe they can beat their neighbours

Babar Azam and Co. couldn't chase a target of 120 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York as they lost the match by six runs.

Following their defeat, there has been widespread criticism of the Pakistan players, with former cricketers condemning their poor performance. However, Vaughan opined that their loss was more due to a lack of belief in their ability to beat India rather than the challenging pitch in New York.

“Pakistan just cannot beat India. I mean, they're chasing 120. The pitch is a little bit... It's an iffy pitch. I would say it probably did more when India were batting. There was more of a kind of sticky, stoppy kind of motion to the pitch when India were batting. When Pakistan batted, actually the pitch played okay and they still couldn't get 120," he said on the Club Prairie Fire podcast.

"They don't believe. That's my fundamental summary of the game is Pakistan, they... Do not believe they can beat India. Simple as that,” he added.

Remember, Pakistan also their opening game to the USA in the Super Over and their chances of making way to the Super 8 of the tournament are now lingering on other results of the Group A games.

They are currently facing Canada. A win against Pakistan today would make things easier for Canada as they would have four points with just one more match to go. Their chances of qualifying for the T20 World Cup playoffs would still be alive.

However, if Pakistan lose, their campaign will be over as they will be officially eliminated with three successive losses.