Gareth Southgate will step down if England don’t win Euro 2024

England will be facing Serbia on Sunday (June 16)

By Web Desk
June 11, 2024
Gareth Southgate will step down if England don't not win the Euro cup 2024. -Reuters

Gareth Southgate is all set to step down if England will not win the European Championship 2024 in Germany. Having been in charge of the Three Lions since 2016, this event might be manager’s last chance to lead the team.

Additionally, the former Middlesbrough coach led his team England in the final match of Euro 2020 as well. Under his leadership, his team made it to the third place in the Nations League final in 2019.

Earlier, the manager said that he is completely focusing on the national team despite rumours that the manager was linked with Manchester United. Southgate’s contract will expire this December.

"If we don't win, I probably won't be here anymore. Then it might be the last chance," Southgate told German newspaper BILD. "I think about half the national team coaches leave after a tournament — that's the nature of international football.

"I've been here for almost eight years now and we've been close. So, I know that you can't keep standing in front of the public and saying, 'A little bit more please', because at some point, people lose faith in your message.

"If we want to be a great team and I want to be a top coach, then you have to deliver in the big moments."

Meanwhile, England will be facing Serbia on Sunday (June 16), followed by their matches with Denmark and against Slovenia.