FC Barcelona coach Xavi reacts to sacking rumours

Xavi made negative remarks regarding Barcelona's financial situation

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
The report about Xavi being shown the exit door was confirmed by many other outlets. - Reuters

FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez emphasised that he's "not interested" in rumours about his potential sacking, ahead of the club's final home match of the season against Rayo Vallecano.

RAC1 reported that president Joan Laporta had decided to sack Xavi following negative remarks regarding Barcelona's financial situation and how it affects their ability to compete with fierce rivals Real Madrid.

Xavi remarked that the situation at his club is economically challenging and unlike what used to occur 25 years ago" when the manager could insist: "I want this one, this one, and this one," referring to transfer market targets.

The report about Xavi being shown the exit door was confirmed by many other outlets, but before Sunday's match against Rayo, Xavi said he is "not interested in where the information comes from".

"I'm interested in having the confidence of the president and [Sporting Director] Deco, and they transmit this to me. For me nothing has changed," Xavi said.

"We'll sit down with Laporta, we're in contact. If we have to talk about something we'll do it, but we're like three weeks ago - there's a project, we've competed and nothing changes. I understand the questions but I'm calm," he added.

He was asked if anything had changed about his situation in the last 24 hours, Xavi said: "No, not at all."

"I have zero doubts that things can go well ... I understand that next year we can compete better, I have ambition intact and with this news even more."

Xavi stated that he "is focused on the job and looking forward to tomorrow's match, not on whether I deserve this or not".

"I've told the players the same thing I told you, I feel lucky," Xavi said, explaining that Laporta has given him "peace of mind to get second place".

"I'm happy because I'm at the best club in the world. Criticism makes me better. It doesn't change anything. I'm looking forward to showing that we can stay competitive. This year it hasn't worked out for us, but I'm convinced that things can go well," Xavi also said, at another point of the press conference.