Karate Combat 45: Salman Khan congratulates Shahzaib Rindh after Pakistan beat India

The Bollywood Star attended the match in United Arab Emirates

By Web Desk
April 21, 2024
Salman Khan (L) meets Shahzaib Rindh after the Pakistan vs India match. — Screenrgrab 

Bollywood star Salman Khan congratulated Pakistan’s Shahzaib Rindh after he knocked out India’s Rana Singh in the last round to steer his country to a win in the Karate Combat 45.

Salman, the Tiger of Bollywood, was in attendance during the match when Pakistan took on India in one of the most anticipated clashes of the tournament.

The two had a little chat after the fight after which Salman joked and said: “Great fight. Do you knock out everywhere in 20, 20 seconds?”

The two shared laughter after which Shahzaib introduced Salman to his brother who was capturing the moment. The two then posed for a photo.

“@beingsalmankhan it was an honour to fight in-front of you boss watching you since childhood. Love you bhaijan ❤️ Thank you bro @abdu_rozik you are such a good person@basitrind5,” Shahzaib posted on his Instagram account.

Remember, the high-tension battle was decided in the last round after Pakistan's Rizwan Ali and India's Himanshu Kaushik won the first and second match, respectively.

The event began with Pakistan’s Rizwan Ali taking on India’s Pawan Gupta in the first round. The Pakistani did not have any trouble in taking his opponent down as Gupta was soon lying on the floor after Rizwan knocked him out in the first round.

Pakistan were leading 1-0 before India’s Himanshu Kaushik faced Faizan Khan in the second round. Had Pakistan won that, they would’ve won the match but that didn’t happen as Kaushik managed to overcome Faizan, who came in place of Uloomi Karim after he wasn’t allowed to fight as he missed his weight by five kilos.

As the match became 1-1, it came down to the decisive round where Pakistan’s captain Shahzaib Rindh faced India’s Rana Singh. Rindh’s continuous attacks from the beginning of the match put his opponent in the corner and he ultimately ended up winning the fight with a technical knockout decision.

After the fight, Rindh came into the ring raising both Pakistani and Indian flags as his gesture of peace between the two countries.