Real Madrid’s influence ‘not good’ for football, claims La Liga chief

Javier Tebas does not have a very good relationship with Florentino Perez

By Web Desk
April 12, 2024
Real Madrid players celebrate after scoring a goal. — Reuters

La Liga chief Javier Tebas criticised Real Madrid’s growing influence saying that it is “not good” for football after Los Blancos’ president Florentino Perez was seen sitting with six Spanish government ministers during the match against Manchester City in the Champions League.

Tebas, who supports Los Blancos publicly, does not get along with their president Florentino Perez due to the differences on issues like the European Super League and the CVC deal.

Not more than two to three months ago, Real Madrid, along with Athletic Club, was the only club to vote against Tebas’ salary raise.

"I defend myself as best I can," Tebas said when asked about his battles against Perez.

"The City photo in the box says it all," he said about the photo where Perez was seen sitting with Spanish government ministers.

"I didn't see that photo at the Metropolitano the next day [when Atletico Madrid played Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League]. It's not a matter of fear, but of who's in front of you. He is a very influential person for his goals.

"Florentino is transversal. With [Silvio] Berlusconi we knew he was right-wing, here Florentino is with everyone: Carmena, Zapatero, Sanchez... He has a lot of influence, too much... That's not good for the country or for football."

He then accused Perez of “eliminating” him from La Liga for years and went on to state that he would never be friends with the Los Blancos chief as they don’t share the same values.

"Florentino never loses," Tebas continued. "He is always attentive and alert. He's been trying to eliminate me from La Liga for years and he doesn't stop.

"The neutrality of the CSD (the Supreme Sports Council) has been going on for months. The Super League is a management model in which the richest clubs rule. He says that they generate a lot and will distribute in solidarity. It looks like feudal times, but in football.”

However, despite his differences with Madrid and Perez, Tebas acknowledged that Kylian Mbappe will play for the Whites next season.

"[Erling[ Haaland is more complicated. He's only been at City for a short time to consider an exit," Tebas added.