Djokovic, Tsitsipas could face each other at Davis Cup

The Serb is likely to play for Serbia in the latter part of the tournament

By Web Desk
February 09, 2024
Novak Djokovic (R) and Stefanos Tsistipas (L) share a moment. — AFP

Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas could face one another in the Davis Cup in the future as Greece may end up facing Serbia.

Following the conclusion of the 2024 Davis Cup Qualifiers, the draw was conducted for the teams that did not progress to the Finals and those that emerged victorious in their lower-tier matches.

The Davis Cup operates across various divisions where countries are positioned. There is the top division, where countries compete for qualification to the Finals, where the overall competition winner is determined.

Having been defeated in the Qualifiers, the countries must once again battle to maintain their position in the Qualifiers for the upcoming season, and surprisingly, Serbia finds itself among them.

Slovakia recently triumphed over Serbia, largely because Novak Djokovic did not participate, and surprisingly, they struggled to make an impact without him. They must now face a country from the lower tier of competition seeking to replace Serbia among the elite nations.

By sheer luck of the draw, which took place recently in London, Greece will have the opportunity to challenge Serbia and secure their position among the top nations. Having emerged victorious in their most recent tie, they now have a chance to ascend to the top level.

This could potentially set up a showdown between Djokovic and Tsitsipas, posing a formidable challenge for both nations. It's highly likely that both players will participate, as Djokovic would be reluctant to see his country drop down while he remains active.

This is because they would forfeit the opportunity to compete for the trophy until they return to the top flight. For Tsitsipas, it presents a unique opportunity to qualify for the Qualifiers, which may not occur frequently.

It would be advantageous for Greece if Djokovic was absent from the matchup, and conversely, beneficial for Serbia if Tsitsipas did not participate. However, for tennis enthusiasts, the ideal scenario is witnessing both players competing for a spot among the elite.

Regardless, this matchup poses a significant challenge for both countries, particularly if they field their strongest teams. Both Djokovic and Tsitsipas would need to deliver exceptional performances to secure victory.

The ties are scheduled to take place in September following the US Open.