Man City’s Kyle Walker apologises to wife over extra-marital affair

The right-back admitted that his married life is all but over

By Web Desk
January 29, 2024
Kyle Walker (L) and his wife Annie Kilner (R). — BackGrid

Manchester City’s right-back Kyle Walker apologised to his wife and family over the “horrible” and “idiotic” life choices and decisions he has made.

Walker, 33, admitted that he was in an extra-marital affair with TV personality Lauryn Goodman and he regretted betraying his wife Annie Kilner, with whom he already has three children.

The English international is now living alone in a rented £3 million property as he also confessed that he has a second child with Goodman and his marriage life is all but over.

The 33-year-old apologised to his wife, who is now living away from him as she is expecting her fourth child with him, and took full responsibility for his actions.

“What I’ve done is horrible and I take full responsibility,” Walker told The Sun in an exclusive interview.

“I made idiot choices and idiot decisions. I can’t begin to think or imagine what Annie is going through. I’ve tried to ask her but there’s pain and hurt.

“The man that’s meant to love, care and be there for her, did this.

“There have been days in this ordeal where I’ve just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

“The only person to blame is me. I have roles and responsibilities that I’m aware of and I’ve made stupid choices. But I need to own up to my mistakes — I owe it to everyone.

“My actions have caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. I’m sorry because, as a family, this isn’t meant to happen.”

Walker also stated that while he is a private person, he felt the need to address the speculations about his life as he “owed” it to his family and they deserved to know the truth from him, not the media.

“I am a private man but I accept that I am a public figure and I need to address what I’ve done.

“It hasn’t helped that it has been played out in the media. But I’ve chosen to speak now in the hope that I can at least explain myself and enable my wife and children to have the privacy they so desperately need and deserve.”

Walker has had a history of having off-field incidents. In 2020, he broke COVID protocol measures for which he apologised. Meanwhile, last year, the footballer reportedly exposed himself in a bar.