Paris Olympics: Euros, viewers and bananas

Six months are left before the start of the event

January 22, 2024
Olympics will be held in Paris, France. - Olympics

Six months before the Paris Olympics, the statistics are already impressive: the budget has hit almost nine billion euros and one billion viewers are expected to watch the opening ceremony.

10,500 athletes

Most will stay in the Olympic Village in suburban Saint-Denis.

329 events

The Paris Games offer 32 sports, including four newcomers: surfing (in distant Tahiti), sport climbing, breaking and skateboarding.

203 invited nations

These include the Refugee Team. Russian and Belarussian athletes will compete as neutrals.

8.8 billion euros ($9.57 billion)

The current Games budget, although the total bill will not be known until after the Games. France´s national audit body estimates a total of 3 billion euros of public money could be spent on the Olympics.

15 million spectators

15 million spectators will attend the Olympics (July 26 to August 11) and Paralympic Games (August 28 to September 8), according to forecasts by the Paris tourist office, with around 12 percent, or two million coming from abroad, including 1.5 million for the Olympics, many of them British and American.

100,000 opening ceremony spectators

The number paying to sit in stands on river banks for the ceremony on the Seine. The number of spectators further back has not yet been fixed, but will be in the hundreds of thousands.

7.6 million tickets

The number of tickets already sold, of 10 million available.

1 billion viewers

The expected global audience for the opening ceremony as the athletes sail down the Seine on boats.

30,000 police and gendarmes

Security is to be bolstered by 15,000 military personnel and, at Olympic venues and fan zones, between 17,000 and 22,000 private security guards.

30,000 volunteers

30,000 volunteers will welcome and seat spectators, provide information, assist athletes and help with the forecast 6,000 anti-doping tests.

13 million meals and snacks

Organisers promise 80 per cent will be produced in France. On the menu: three million bananas.

4 euros

From July 20 to September 8, the price of a Paris metro ticket will rise from the current 2.10 euros per trip.