‘I’m home’: CM Punk delivers first speech in WWE after nine years

The legendary wrestler made his first appearance in the ring since 2014

By Web Desk
November 28, 2023
CM Punk will have his first fight in WWE in the upcoming days. — WWE

Phillip Jack Brooks aka CM Punk returned to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring for the first time in almost 10 years and made his first speech where he shared his future plans with the company on Monday (November 27) night.

That was Punk’s first appearance in the WWE universe, and surprisingly, it came just three months after he was fired from All Elite Wrestling (WWE).

"Looks like hell froze over," Punk began. "I didn't know how I was gonna react and I didn't know how it was gonna go but this made me feel like my old self, because this is where I belong," he said. "In over 10 years, you people never forgot me even when maybe I wanted to forget me. That's powerful. You are all powerful."

Punk confirmed that he was welcomed by “almost everybody” in the WWE universe, probably referring to the former Shield member Seth Rollins whose frustration was caught on camera.

"I am home. The best in the world is back and the best in the world is standing in the middle of the ring," Punk said. "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money."

Punk appeared after the end of the men’s WarGames main event at Survivor Series on Saturday (November 25). The former WWE champion had just walked in and was looking at the place he conquered long ago, and just seconds later, the entire arena was buzzing with the chants “CM Punk, CM Punk” as he made his presence felt by giving his famous look at the watch.

Punk made his debut in 2006 and quickly became a fan favourite and one of the biggest stars in the WWE universe. He was last seen in a Royal Rumble match in 2014.

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