WATCH: Randy Orton, CM Punk return to WWE Survivor Series WarGames

The fans went crazy as soon as the two stars stepped inside the hall

By Web Desk
November 26, 2023
Randy Orton (L) and CM Punk (R) returned to WWE in Survivor Series WarGames 2023 on Saturday night. — WWE

Saturday night belonged to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fanatics who have been watching it for years as two of the most legendary wrestlers of all time, Randy Orton and CM Punk, marked their return after a long absence at the Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois.

After a year of speculations and rumours of The Viper coming back to the ring, Orton, who last wrestled in 2022, finally returned to the ring to do what he does best.

Orton entered the arena when Team Cody Rhoades were being battered by The Judgment Day and took out each member of the latter group one by one with his vintage moves that are memorised by every single WWE fan who grew up watching The Legend Killer.

The Allstate Arena went into a frenzy when Orton’s theme song “Voices” was played as the fans, who had been eagerly waiting for their icon to return for a long time, knew they were about to see their favourite.


However, that was not just the end of surprises in the Survivor Series, as when the event was about to be wrapped, everyone in the Arena and those sitting in front of their televisions were left stunned because one of the most celebrated WWE stars, CM Punk returned after a 9-year-long absence.

He appeared after the end of the men’s WarGames main event at Survivor Series. The former WWE champion had just walked in and was looking at the place he conquered long ago, and just seconds later, the entire arena was buzzing with the chants “CM Punk, CM Punk” as he made his presence felt by giving his famous look at the watch.


Punk made his debut in 2006 and quickly became a fan favourite and one of the biggest stars in the WWE universe. He was last seen in a Royal Rumble match in 2014.