Former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli avoids death in tragic car accident

The 33-year-old lost the balance of his car and ended up crashing in a nearby wall

By Web Desk
November 24, 2023
Mario Balotelli (L) and his Audi Q8 after the terrifying accident. — AFP/X

Italian striker Mario Balotelli made a narrow escape in a horrific car accident in his homeland Brescia, Italy, at 8:30PM local time on Thursday (November 23).

The vehicle, an Audi Q8 worth £100,000, was destroyed after the accident. The medics rushed to the scene as soon as they were called and aided the injured striker who was struggling to walk after coming out of his car.

Balotelli, reportedly, refused a breathalyser test — a test to determine how much amount is in your blood — after the accident, prompting police to confiscate his driving license.

The 33-year-old apparently lost control of his vehicle and ended up crashing into the nearby wall which, as can be seen in the video, completely destroyed the right side of his car.

Even though the striker remained unhurt he had difficulty in walking and was seen getting into an ambulance while being supported by the paramedics.

Despite being so talented, Balotelli has struggled to stay away from controversies throughout his career. As soon as he joined Manchester City in 2010, he crashed his Audi R8 on his way to the club’s training ground and was also carrying around $5,000 cash with him.

When the police asked why was he carrying that much amount in cash, he replied: “Because I am rich.”

Just a week ago, the 33-year-old footballer expressed his desire to play for Italy once again and called himself a “strong contender” for the spot in the national team.

“If I'm well, I still consider myself the strongest,” Balotelli told TVPlay.

“I want to recover and play for the national team. I always hope for the call.

“I met [Luciano] Spalletti and I've met him several times. We made some jokes when we met in a friendly with Napoli, but I have no relationship.”

It must be noted that Balotelli was the joint top-scorer of the Euro 2012 alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Gomez and others.