Not diet, but this is how NASA helps Cristiano Ronaldo

A viral clip of Ramiz Raja has gone viral where he claimed that the NASA curates Cristiano Ronaldo's diet plan

By Ali Ahmed
November 23, 2023
NASA does help Ronaldo maintain his physical strength at the age of 38- Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram/PCB

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja’s clip recently went viral on social media wherein he claimed that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) curates Portuguese star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's diet plan.

"Let's take the example of Ronaldo's diet plan being curated by scientists at NASA," Ramiz Raja said on a local news channel.

The video garnered immense traction on social media sites with netizens taking a dig at the former captain.

However, NASA does help Ronaldo maintain his physical strength at the age of 38.

The renowned Portuguese star keeps his remarkable physical strength due to a NASA-designed physical recovery machine. Installed in his home, the Vascusport Regeneration System aids in maintaining his peak condition.

This technology helps to improve the lymphatic flow, turns on the drainage effect, and raises endorphin levels in the brain while also bringing more oxygen to the tissues. It also helps improve circulation and fastens the healing process, which allows Ronaldo to recover from injuries faster.

While the NASA machine contributes to his recovery, Ronaldo's stringent diet is equally instrumental in achieving his peak fitness. Beef, avocado, coconut oil, chicken, eggs, and black rice are essential components of his meticulously planned diet. He also undergoes thalassotherapy sessions, using sea-derived substances to relax his muscles. Employing cryotherapy, Ronaldo eliminates abnormal skin cells, especially beneficial for injury recovery.

Now we know how Ronaldo is helped by NASA and maybe incomplete information was provided to Ramiz Raja regarding the star footballer.

Ronaldo is still netting goals and has already scored 46 goals this year, also assisting 12 in the process. He is the third-highest scorer this calendar year, only behind Manchester City's Erling Haaland (48) and Bayern Munich's Harry Kane (47).

Ronaldo started both games as Portugal defeated Lichtenstein and Iceland in the EURO 2024 Qualifiers last week.

He was on the scoresheet against Lichtenstein and set-up Ricardo Horta's goal against Iceland as Portugal won both the games 2-0.

Portugal had already qualified for the tournament in Germany next year but needed wins in both the games to maintain a 100% record in qualifiers.