Pat Cummins shares his two cents on Ahmedabad’s pitch ahead of World Cup final

India and Aussies are set to clash in the biggest game of the cricket on November 19

By Web Desk
November 18, 2023
Australian skipper Pat Cummins is ready to lead his side as the Aussies eye their sixth World Cup. — ICC

Australia cricket team’s skipper Pat Cummins talked about Ahmedabad’s pitch as his side prepares to take on the in-form and undefeated India in the final of the ICC World Cup 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium on November 19.

The World Cup has been surrounded by many controversies with the pitch issue being the latest of them as it was reported that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had changed the semi-final pitch in Mumbai.

Cummins was asked if he had seen the pitch and if he thought that the pitch had been used or not.

"Yeah, just had a look. I'm not a great pitch reader, but it looked pretty firm. They've only just watered it, so yeah, give it another 24 hours and have a look, but it looks like a pretty good wicket,” Cummins said. "Yes, I think Pakistan played someone there."

He was then asked if the wicket was similar to Kolkata where Australia played their semi-final against South Africa which they won after a nail-biting contest.

"Yeah, hard to know I think it's been a bit more high-scoring here throughout the tournament. Yeah, it's been a pretty good wicket, so yeah, hard to say,” he added.

Australia have been playing cricket in India for a long time now and Cummins stated that they would require a complete balance in their bowling.

"You've got to be brave with some of the balls you use, slower balls, bouncers, you've got to find that balance between mixing it up but also not go chasing too much," Cummins said. "I think we've struck that balance pretty well and at least over here in India, a lot of times by the end of the innings, things like cutters work perhaps better than it does elsewhere in the world."

The Australian skipper was then asked how much importance his team gives to all this pitch chatter to which he replied that it would be the same but his side is aware of the conditions as they have played a lot of cricket in India.

"Yeah, I mean, it's hard to say," he offered. "It's obviously the same for both teams. No doubt playing on your own wicket in your own country has some advantages, similar to wickets that you've been playing your whole life. But we've played a lot of cricket over here.

"So, yeah, we'll wait and see. I think, of all the venues, perhaps this venue — the toss isn't as important as, say, a Mumbai Wankhede Stadium or other venues. So, we'll be ready in terms of anything they'll throw at us. Yeah, we'll wait and see, but we'll make sure we have some plans."