New Zealand raise concerns over Rohit’s coin tosses in World Cup 2023: report

The manner in which Rohit flipped the coin raised doubts among their team throughout the tournament

By Web Desk
November 17, 2023

New Zealand have expressed concerns regarding the coin toss conducted by Indian skipper Rohit Sharma during the first semi-final match of the ICC World Cup 2023, Fox Cricket reported citing the source of Blackcaps' camp.

As per the report, the manner in which Rohit flipped the coin raised doubts among their team throughout the tournament.

Before the semi-final, a dispute emerged amid reports suggesting that the BCCI had pressured the ICC to utilise a previously used playing surface instead of a fresh pitch.

Despite these claims, India maintained an undefeated record, securing a berth in the World Cup 2023 final by convincingly winning all 10 of their matches.

At the coin toss, Kane Williamson deferred to the decision of the match referee as the coin had landed a few metres away. The match referee promptly announced that India had won the toss. Consequently, the Team India elected to bat first, amassing a formidable total of 397-8 in 50 overs.

Remember, former Pakistan cricketer Sikandar Bakht stated that Indian skipper Rohit Sharma threw the coin far away so that New Zealand’s captain couldn’t see it.

"If you see closely enough, whenever Rohit Sharma gets to flip the coin for the toss, he also tosses it far away from the other captain. It is almost far enough that the other captain never really gets to see what the actual outcome of the toss was," Bakht said while talking on Geo News.

On the other hand, Wasim Akram dismissed the conspiracy theory about Rohit Sharma fixing tosses.

"Who decides where the coin should land? The mat is there for sponsorship reasons. I feel embarrassed,” Akram said while talking on a local sports show.

It must be noted Rohit Sharma recorded five wins and five losses in tosses during the marquee tournament.


    SHAFIQUE commented 3 weeks ago

    وسیم اکرم نے تو مخالفت کرنی ہی ہے بھائی کو آئی پی ایل میں کوچنگ بھی تو کرنی ہے اب اگر یہ مخالفت نہیں کرے گا تو اور کون کرے گا۔ چلیں سکہ دور گرتا ہے نو پرابلم لیکن اوپر ڈرون کیمرہ کیوں فوکس نہیں کرتا سکہ کو؟

    Shyam. commented 3 weeks ago

    Only FOOLS OF THE FIRST DEGREE will comment like this. Out of the Ten times, Rohit had 50/50 success in calling the shots correctly! What will be the FOOL’s comment about it! Among Pakistani, only Mr.Wasim Akram is THE PERSON, without any VENOM, in his heart. JAI HIND!

    Awais commented 3 weeks ago

    First Bakht raised the issue and now NZ showed concern it is right time for waseem to slap himself. There is no doubt that WC Hijacked by BCCI in different way

    Naveed commented 3 weeks ago

    India has always been playing a cheater role in order to win at any cost. Waseem Akram has shown himself a true BCCI supporter, no matter what is wrong or right, he only needs money from Indians.

    Pervez Ahsani commented 2 weeks ago

    Wasim, you say 'who decides where coin should land?'. Are you the authority to decide where it should not land? By going your sportsmanship logic it is okay if the coin lands outside the stadium.

    Nadeem commented 2 weeks ago

    After retirement Wasim ki aadhi Zindagi India me guzri he...wo to favour far as India is concerned total conspiracy tournament tha

      Zahid Khan commented 2 weeks ago

      Wasim Akram is always felt as he is the former Indian player not Pakistani, if he is to compare Babar with Kohli or any other comparison, he will favor India, he should not forget he is here because of Pakistan, he has never been loyal to his country..