Schools Football Championship 2023 begins in Wazirabad

12 teams from all over the country are competing for the title

By Web Desk
November 16, 2023
The 12-team championship is being held in Wazirabad where teams from all over the country are competing. — Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands is organising the Schools Football Championship 2023 in Wazirabad with teams from all over Pakistan to promote the game as the fever of football continues to grow in the country.

Muslim Hands, a charity organisation, has been heavily active for years and has done a lot to promote football on the grassroots level and their latest step of holding a school championship is taking their efforts to the next level.

12 teams from all over Pakistan are competing in the championship at Mohammad Rasheed Football Ground. The matches are being broadcast live on their Facebook page named “Maidaan” with great quality.

About five matches on a daily basis are being played in the four-day championship which is set to conclude on November 19 where two teams will go head-to-head to clinch the title.

It must be noted that Muslim Hands has been greatly contributing to promoting football in Pakistan. In July 2023, they gathered and formed a team which competed in the Oslo Cup in Norway where Pakistan’s team participated with the name of “Muslim Hands FC”.

Pakistani boys showcased their talent throughout the tournament and surprised the world with their impeccable display on the field as the Green Shirts remained unbeaten throughout the tournament.

However, in the final, they lost the match on penalties in a cruel way after the match ended 1-1 at the final whistle.

The team scored 29 goals and conceded only two in that tournament.

Not just that, the Pakistan team also finished runners-up in the Street Child World Cup in Doha last year. They remained unbeaten throughout the tournament but lost the final against Egypt on penalties (4-3).

They were also the runners-up in the previous edition in Russia (2018), meanwhile, in Brazil (2014) they finished third.