Women stopped from playing cricket in Swat

The women's cricket match will be held again in the upcoming weeks

October 02, 2023
Organiser was criticised for not informing about women's cricket match - Facebook/Charbagh Sports Complex

Women cricketers in Charbagh, Swat, were stopped from playing cricket after they faced opposition from locals who argued that it goes against regional traditions.

Yesterday, the cricket match between the women's teams of Kanju and Gulkada was halted due to the intervention of local residents.

The organiser was criticised for not informing the relevant authorities about the women's cricket match, as pointed out by Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Yar.

Tehsil Nazim Ehsanullah clarified that the decision was not against women's sports; rather, it was made to ensure safety. He suggested women can play cricket within enclosed areas.

Officials expressed security concerns and demanded the rescheduling of the match to ensure the safety of all involved.

Following discussions, the organiser agreed to reschedule the women's cricket match, taking into consideration the security issues, as per Assistant Commissioner Charbagh.

The Deputy Commissioner has assured that women's matches will be organised in a better way in the future, according to the Assistant Commissioner.

It has been decided that the women's cricket match will be held again in the upcoming weeks, as confirmed by the Assistant Commissioner of Swat.

Madrassa Administrator Mufti Rafiullah cited reports of armed groups in the area and threats to the police as reasons for taking action to stop women's cricket matches.

Mufti Rafiullah explained that the decision to stop the match was made to prevent any breach of peace that could lead to trouble.

"After discussions with the management and the organiser, the decision to stop the match was made with mutual understanding," Rafiullah said.

"Women are an integral part of society, and I support granting them full rights," he added.

Rafiullah clarified that women are allowed to play sports within the boundaries of Islamic law, emphasising that their participation should adhere to these guidelines.