Ronaldo's Morocco Hotel denies report of offering shelter to earthquake victims

'This is false information,' the hotel management said

By Web Desk
September 11, 2023
The entrance to Cristiano Ronaldo's hotel in Marrakech. — X/@CR7 

Morocco was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on Friday night which claimed thousands of lives and amid all the chaos, the reports of a Marakkesh hotel, owned by football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, offering shelter to the victims emerged.

Top news outlets like MARCA reported the news but the hotel management has denied the reports.

The operation manager at the Pestana CR7 Marakkesh Hotel confirmed that the hotel isn't providing any kind of shelter to the victims.

“It is not accurate to say that we are hosting refugees and victims," the hotel’s management confirmed.

"All the customers we have at the moment have made a reservation normally.”

MARCA's report was primarily based on an interview of a Spanish tourist, Irene Seixas, who told the local media that the hotel is providing shelter to helpless people.

"All the hotels have become shelters for victims, including luxury hotels,” he said.

“Many spent the night on the streets because they feared another earthquake. We got a room at Cristiano Ronaldo's hotel, like many others who found refuge here,” he added.

However, the Spaniard's claim was denied by the hotel management.

Ronaldo has many hotels to his name. The most famous ones are located in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona and New York.

Footballers and athletes from all over the world extended their prayers to the victims.

The players of Morocco's national football team were seen donating blood across the country as blood donation centres were installed at various places in the country on an urgent basis.

It must be noted that several buildings were destroyed during the earthquake, sending residents of major cities rushing from their homes. Moreover, a local official said most deaths were in mountain areas that were hard to reach.

It must be noted that more than 2,000 people have died with many still injured or missing.