PFF NC requests SBP to give Punjab Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier

NC is waiting for a reply from the Pakistan Sports Board

August 12, 2023
Punjab Stadium in Lahore - PSB

LAHORE: A two-member delegation of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee on Friday held a meeting with the Sports Board Punjab (SBP) Director General Dr Asif Tufail here at his office.

The delegation requested Asif to give NC the Punjab Stadium for conducting FIFA World Cup Qualifiers home leg against Cambodia on October 17. Both parties discussed several matters and an NC source said that it is expected that SBP would give its consent soon.

The source said that NC is also waiting for the reply of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) in response to the letter which NC dispatched to it the other day for securing Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad, for the purpose.

“After we receive PSB’s reply we will then send our inspection team to inspect both venues before taking a final decision on any one facility,” the source said.

Meanwhile, NC’s senior member Shahid Khokhar told The News that this is a huge opportunity for Pakistan to revive its football fan base. 

“I think it’s a golden chance for us to revive the football fan base,” he said.

“It will help boost the image of the country. International broadcasters have also started contacting NC and are waiting for our reply,” Shahid said.

He said that NC would try its best to finalise a venue before August 18 which is the deadline given by FIFA. 

The away leg between Pakistan and Cambodia will be held on October 12. 

This is the second time that Cambodia and Pakistan have been paired up in the qualifiers which are played on home and away basis.