Twitter roasts 'proud nephew' Faisal Iqbal for questioning PCB merit over coaching snub

'A day will come when you will be Australia's head coach,' quipped one follower of the former Test cricketer.

By Web Desk
September 05, 2019

If there is an opportunity to roast someone, Twitter pounces as if it were an overpitched half-volley by one of the Indian 'fast' bowlers.

As a long-time user of the site, (former?) Test cricketer Faisal Iqbal should have known better. 

He had applied for the batting coach of the national team as well as another regional position but the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) offered him neither.

Iqbal, who averaged 27 and 22 in Tests and ODIs during a brief international career, took to Twitter to air his concerns, saying how he had "thought that Naya Pakistan would be full of merit but nothing changes here". 

Apart from an unremarkable playing career, Iqbal, the nephew of the legendary Javed Miandad, does not even have extensive coaching experience, yet that had not stopped him from applying for the job of the national team's batting coach.

As expected, Twitter pounced on the opportunity.

"We all need confidence like Faisal Bhai. A day will come when you will be Australia's head coach. And Ahsan Adil will be the bowling coach and Kamran Akmal the fielding coach," a follower of his remarked sarcastically.

"Apply for the prime minister's job next time," quipped another. "Maybe you would get lucky."

Some were a bit more forthright.