‘We are here win, play well and make our people proud’: Arteta

Arsenal are second on the Premier League points table

By Web Desk
May 20, 2023
Mikel Arteta speaks at a press conference — AFC

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta talked about Arsenal’s seasons, how they were at the top for the better part of the season and about his players.

“We are here to win, to play really well & win & make our people really proud.”

Arteta also talked about how the same people who were saying [before the start of the season] that Arsenal will finish fifth or sixth are now calling a second-place finish a failure.

“I think everybody would describe the situation with different words, but probably those people that would think we were going to finish 6th or 7th in the season, the same people are saying finishing 2nd is a failure,” he said.

The Spaniard also talked about what he struggles the most with and how difficult it is to live up to expectations.

“The thing that I struggle the most [with] is when you feel you have disappointed someone. You have created certain expectations & then you’re not good enough to deliver, but then we have to put some perspective of where we are,” he added.

“I have really enjoyed it. There are difficult moments, a lot of hours, a lot of demands & we are all perfectionists - I want to get the best out of every single situation, but overall, I think it’s very satisfying,” Arteta on Arsenal’s current season.

The Arsenal boss was also full of praise for his young set of players.

“There isn’t any other players like Bukayo [Saka], [Gabriel] Martinelli at their age, or Martin [Odegaard] - there isn’t in Europe players like that - that doesn’t mean that is the ceiling. I don’t know where the ceiling is.”

While talking about the process, the 41-year-old was clear that it is a vision and we are adapting accordingly.

“It’s a very unified vision of what we want “It’s a very unified vision of what we want to achieve & then define how you’re going to do it & then you need discipline. We have adapted the plan when it was needed to speed it up & slowed down in certain moments,” he added.

Last week, Arsenal’s 3-0 home defeat against Brighton at The Emirates Stadium On May 14 practically ended their titles hope as they now sit four points behind the defending champions with one more game played.