BetBoom at Dota 2’s Berlin Major were wrecked due to creativity issues, says coach

Too many minds can be dangerous at times

By Web Desk
May 03, 2023
Screengrab via Betboom on YouTube

The "superteam" tag is no longer associated with BetBoom after they had a group-stage exit at Dota 2's ESL One Berlin Major on May 1. 

There were high expectations from them early on in the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season but, as of now, it does not seem like the struggling team's problems will be solved immediately.

BetBoom coach Anatoly “boo1k” Ivanov had an exit interview with Dmitrii Barabanov of Escorenews on May 3, where he talked about the problems his team was facing.

“You try to use a certain pool and develop these ideas, but half of the team thinks that everything should be drastically changed,” he said. 

BetBoom's Berlin Major run was impeded by problems before their team even stepped their foot in Germany, as major visa issues came up for Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko, which prevented him from entering the tournament. 

The coach Boo1k was concerned for his players' mental health, as he felt that his squad got in their own heads during the game and post-game analysis. While doing their best to right their wrongs ahead of the remaining matches, the team became “mentally drained”.

BetBoom's 8-8 record had them take on Team Aster, who also had to go through visa problems as one of their player Zhai Jingkai, also known as "Xwy", couldn't participate in the tournament, and Evil Geniuses in a three-way tie breaker but ended up losing to both. 

But it was that 71st minute saddening defeat against Evil Geniuses which ended their Berlin Major campaign.

“We were trying to do more than necessary, so we were always stressed,” Boo1k said.

He believes that the squad started to overthink after tying the series against Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid. But, it was that 0-2 loss to lightweights Execration, after which BetBoom found themselves in a survival mode.

As per the coach Boo1k, the BetBoom players, instead of working as a team, were individually presenting ideas they thought would work, but all of it resulted in a complete absence of unity.

He said that the squad would rarely agree on one concept as each player kept on coming up with something of their own, which wasted a lot of discussion time during drafts.

BetBoom will be back in action for the Summer League Division One in the mid of May.