PFF asks clubs to submit documents online

The NC said in a statement on Thursday that soon after the completion of the process a special election cell will be established

February 17, 2023
The PFF headquarter in Lahore — PFF

KARACHI: After completing the club registration, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee has asked all these clubs to submit the requisite documents online on the Pakistan Football Connect (PFC) programme by February 26.

The NC said in a statement on Thursday that soon after the completion of the process a special election cell will be established at the PFF headquarters in Lahore.

“A full-time office with professional and independent staff will assess the status of the documents in collaboration with PFC,” NC said.

Meanwhile, NC chairman Haroon Malik said they are heading towards transparent elections.

“Physical scrutiny of clubs will help as a key factor for this process. We want to ensure that all stakeholders get equal opportunities to be a part of the election process,” he said.

NC also plans to hold district club championships which will help it scrutinise the clubs which have confirmed their registration under the PFC programme.

It must be noted that FIFA lifted ban on the PFF, which was imposed in April 2021 due to undue third-party interference, in June last year.

FIFA also extended the mandate of the Normalisation Committee by 12 months.

According to FIFA, the mandate of the Normalisation Committee includes managing of PFF’s daily affairs, ensuring the proper registration and scrutiny of the clubs in Pakistan, draft and ratify, with the assistance of FIFA and the AFC, an electoral code for the PFF, organise the elections at district followed by provincial levels and conduct the elections of a new PFF executive committee.

The PFF on Tuesday named 36 players for the men’s national senior football team camp which formally began on Thursday.

The basic aim of the camp is to prepare the lot for a number of international commitments coming up. The national brigade is expected to play a couple of friendlies against Maldives at the latter’s backyard. Bhutan is also expected to join them.

Camp probables:

Goalkeepers: Abdul Basit, Saqib Hanif, Salman-Ul-Haq, Hassan Ali, Usman Shoukat.

Defenders: Rao Umar Hayat, Raheel Nawaz, Qurban Ali, Abdul Qadeer Khan, Ali Khan Niazi, Mamoon Musa Khan, Sardar Wali, Abdullah Shah, Haseeb Ahmed Khan, Syed Junaid Shah, Saeed Khan, Abdur Rahman and Faisal Ali

Midfielders: Ali Uzair, Umair Ali, Zain-ul-Abideen Ishaq, Umar Saeed, Nek Alam, Muhammad Riaz, Fahim Ullah, Alamgir Ghazi, Taha, Touqeer, Muhammad Sufyan

Forwards: Waleed Khan, Moin, Muhammad Waheed, Shaiq Dost, Essa Bahadur, Muhammad Afzal, Fareed.