More than 3,000 clubs apply for registration through Pakistan football connect programme

PFF's Normalisation Committee is on a road to fresh elections

By Web Desk
December 05, 2022
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As many as 3327 clubs from seven regions applied for registration through Pakistan football connect programme, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) shared on Monday. 

As per the announced details, massive interest was shown during the registration process through the first-ever connect programme launched by FIFA-appointed PFF's Normalisation Committee (NC). 

In eight divisions of Baluchistan, 31 active districts registered their 874 clubs. From 10 divisions of Punjab, 867 clubs of 35 active districts were registered, and 6 districts have zero applications. In seven divisions of KPK, 659 clubs got registered from 28 active districts, and 8 districts are yet to submit an application.

Moreover, Sindh’s 645 clubs got registered under seven divisions while the active districts in Sindh are 29 and 2 with zero applications. From three divisions, 101 clubs were able to register themselves in AJK in which six districts are active and four with zero applications. 

In Gilgit-Baltistan, 97 clubs registered from 3 divisions, eight districts are active while seven districts are with zero applications. A total of 84 clubs have been registered in Islamabad.

Overall, 170 districts out of 138 have 39 active divisions and 32 are ones that have yet to submit any application, while the number of clubs is 3327. 

It should be remembered that the decision of the clubs having the right to vote for the elections under the NC will be decided by the Pakistan Football Connect programme.