Jake Paul asks Dana White to agree to $5m bet on Anderson Silva fight

'Make a bet against me and Anderson and actually pay up this time,' Jake Paul says

By Web Desk
September 13, 2022
— Twitter/File

KARACHI: Jake Paul demanded that UFC boss Dana White accept his $5 million bet that he would defeat Anderson Silva when he makes a comeback to boxing next month.

After growing up idolising the Brazilian, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has adopted a new strategy in the run-up to his battle with UFC icon Silva on October 29.

White allegedly bet anyone $1 million that Ben Askren would defeat Paul in their matchup in April 2021, but Paul said White still owes him the money. The story continues, and the social media celebrity now requests more. That wager was never finalised, and White has alleged Paul's staff offered him odds that were significantly worse than those of any bookmaker.

"I know you're watching, bro. You still owe me $1m for the time you bet against me for Ben Askren," Paul told White in a public callout.

"But I want you to come out of hiding, stop being a b**** and make a bet against me and Anderson and actually pay up this time. You didn't think that I would take this fight, so let's make a bet. Let's put a mill, let's put two mill, let's put five mill on it, but I bet you won't, Dana, because you're a b****."

Paul and White have been engaged in a bitter dispute for more than a year, during which the YouTube star has released a "diss track."