Rishabh Pant responds to his rumored ex-girlfriend Urvashi Rautela's interview

Urvashi Rautela claimed that 'Mr RP', reportedly referring to Rishabh Pant, wanted to meet her in a hotel lobby

By Web Desk
August 12, 2022
Source: Twitter

KARACHI: India's wicket-keeper batter Rishabh Pant reacted to a recent interview of his rumored ex-girlfriend Urvashi Rautela who claimed that the cricketer waited for 10 hours to meet the actor in a hotel lobby. 

Responding to the claims, Pant replied without naming anyone in his Instagram story which was deleted later on. 

Source: Rishabh Pant's Instagram Story

In an interview with the Indian media outlet, Rautela claimed that 'Mr RP', reportedly referring to the Indian cricketer, wanted to meet her in a hotel lobby. 

"I was shooting in Varanasi, and I had a show in New Delhi thereon, so I had to take a flight. In New Delhi, I was shooting a full day, and after about 10 hours of shooting, when I went back, I had to get ready, and you know that girls take a lot of time to get ready. Mr. RP came, he sat in the lobby, and waited for me, and he wanted to meet. I was so tired that I dozed off to sleep, and I didn’t realize that I had received so many calls," Urvashi said.

"So, when I woke up, I saw 16-17 missed calls, and I felt so bad that someone was waiting for me, and I didn’t go. Out of respect, because a lot of girls don’t care about making someone wait, out of that show of respect, I told him that let’s meet when you’ll come to Mumbai. We met in Mumbai, and the paps surrounded us, and the other day it became such big news,

"I won’t add much to this, but it’s just that it’s very important to give respect to the other person, but I feel like media exaggerates even the smallest thing that is under development and ruins it completely," she further narrated.