Charles Oliveria believes 'arrogance' will kill Islam Makhachev during their UFC fight

'The arrogance from their manager, former fighters, their arrogance will kill them,' said Charles Oliveira

By Web Desk
August 10, 2022
Charles Oliveira (L) and Islam Makhachev (R) — Twitter

KARACHI: Charles Oliveira has cautioned Islam Makhachev not to take their UFC championship match as a joke and said that arrogance will kill the Russian fighter during their fight at UFC 280.

The Brazilian fighter, who lost his lightweight title in May after failing to make weight, will try to reclaim it on October 22 when he faces Makhachev in Abu Dhabi as part of UFC 280.

Since the bout was announced, Makhachev and Oliveira have engaged in a verbal spat, with support from Makhachev's manager Ali Abdelaziz and mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"They're being arrogant and that's what will kill them. The arrogance of their manager, and former fighters, their arrogance will kill them. If they think they're going to come here and think this is a joke, I'm going to tell you one thing," said Oliveira.

"No one will ever hit me harder than life has hit me. I escaped a heart condition. Doctors told me I would never fight or do anything sport-related but I became the UFC champion."

Makhachev's manager Abdelaziz replied and said: "Charles I just heard you said we are arrogant we know you’re a great champion and a great human being. We know you’re very tough and this is not personal on October 22.

"It is going to be a great fight and we will see who is the champion. Big respect for you and your team."

Despite Makhachev having a terrifying ground game, the Brazilian has already brashly expressed his confidence in defeating him.