UFC: Muhammad Mokaev calls bout against Charles Johnson at flyweight 'boring'

'I know I could have done better, but a win is a win,' said Muhammad Mokaev

By Web Desk
July 30, 2022
Muhammad Mokaev — Twitter

KARACHI: Muhammad Mokaev defeated Charles Johnson at flyweight, setting a UFC record for the most takedowns ever, but the British fighter maintains he wasn't happy with his performance.

In their 15-minute bout, which Mokaev won by a lopsided decision, Johnson was taken down 12 times by Mokaev, giving him his second UFC victory and bringing his record up to 8-0. Mokaev knew the fight was "boring" for most viewers because he stopped Cody Durden in under a minute in March, but it wasn't the highlight-reel ending he had intended.

"It was ok, but for the fans, it was boring. I know I could have done better, but a win is a win. I think, I could have finished him striking, but my corner told me, Listen, don't be like Mike Tyson just take him down', and I had to listen to my corner. If I could beat him in the wrestling aspect, why would I go to a 50-50 position in striking with small MMA gloves? Mokaev told Mirror Fighting.

"It's not about who has the better striking, it's about who gets clipped first, that's it, why would I risk that? I could have out-struck him, I was much more faster and powerful than him. I also didn't get tired, in between rounds I was waving to the fans. This was an easy sparring day, I've had harder sparring days than this," he added.

The newest fighter on the UFC roster, Mokaev has stated his goal of becoming the organization's youngest champion.