Pakistani swimmer Faizan Akbar goes missing in Hungary: Police

Hungarian police say 22-year-old is missing since June 18

June 24, 2022
Faizan Akbar — The News

KARACHI: Local police in Hungary have confirmed that a Pakistani swimmer Faizan Akbar has been missing after arriving in the country to participate in World Swimming Championship.

The confirmation came on the website of the Hungarian police where Faizan Akbar’s name was mentioned in the list of people who are missing.

According to details made available on the police website, 22-year-old Faizan is missing since 18th June. He was scheduled to participate in the 100m backstroke competition in FINA World Championship but the FINA’s competition website mentions “DNS” against his name which indicates that he didn’t participate in the competition.

He is also scheduled to participate in a 50m backstroke competition which is due tomorrow.

The news of Faizan’s going missing from the swimming team’s hotel was rumored from Wednesday but no official of the Pakistan Swimming Federation or the team in Budapest responded to any calls or messages.

Sources have also claimed that the members of Pakistan’s swimming team participated on a self-finance basis in the world championship.

Faizan’s whereabouts are still unknown.