UFC: 'It would put a lot of money in my pocket', Charles Oliveira on fight with Conor McGregor

UFC: "Everyone knows that fighting Conor is very profitable," said Charles Oliveira

By Web Desk
June 16, 2022
Conor McGregor (L) and  Charles Oliveira (R) — Twitter

KARACHI: Charles Oliveira believes a fight against UFC superstar Conor McGregor would be lucrative for his career and legacy.

Oliveira has now revealed that a fight with McGregor would not only be the most lucrative of his career but would also solidify his reputation with the company.

Speaking to ESPN Brazil, Oliveira said: "It would be a very good fight for me. It would put a lot of money in my pocket, and [at this moment] that's the most important thing. And it would also be really good for my legacy, for me to have in my story.

"Regardless, if he's coming from defeat or not, he's a guy who's made history, so I think it would be great, but it's not just up to me. If it were up to me, this fight would already be happening."

Last year, McGregor fought at 155 pounds and shattered his leg in a second consecutive loss to Dustin Poirier.