Mohammad Asif predicted Virat Kohli's decline in 2021

Mohammad Asif had also said that Virat Kohli isn't better than Sachin Tendulkar

By Web Desk
April 22, 2022
Virat Kohli (L) and Mohammad Asif (R) — AFP/Twitter

KARACHI: Former Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif had predicted Indian star batter Virat Kohli's decline in 2021.

The former Indian skipper Kohli has been facing difficulty finding his form with the national team and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022.

Asif had predicted that bottom-handed Kohli wouldn't be able to make a comeback after he faces a decline.

"Kohli is a bottom-hand player. He is doing well because of his fitness, and it is supporting him. The moment he will face a decline, I don't think Kohli can make a comeback.

"Babar is an upper-hand player like Sachin. His bat movement is fluent like Sachin. People say Kohli is better than Tendulkar. I say no. Virat does not even come close to Sachin. This is my opinion," Asif told CoverDriveCricket's YouTube channel in 2021.

Kohli has had a poor Indian Premier League (IPL) season, scoring just 119 runs in seven innings with a strike rate of 19.83.