PSL 2022: Fans engage in argument after security denies entry of children under 12

Several families were turned down from gates as they were with kids aged under 12

January 29, 2022
Photo provided by the reporter. 

KARACHI: Various fans got into heated arguments with PCB and security officials at the main gate of National Stadium after kids accompanied by them were disallowed to enter the stadium during the PSL match between Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators.

Several families were turned down from gates as they were with kids aged U12 and under NCOC guidelines, these kids were not allowed to enter the stadium as they were not eligible for vaccination.

Things heated up with a family getting into emotional arguments with officials at the entry of the main building.

This correspondent witnessed the family arguing with officials after a child was denied entry to the stadium. They alleged the entry-controlling officials of double standards and accused them of letting kids with influential individuals enter the venue.

PCB's director security Colonel Asif and GM Operations Usman Wahla had to interfere and calm down the family who was demanding other kids, which they believed to be from an influential family and were allowed without any vaccination checks, to be ejected from the stadium.

Geo had reported on January 19th that under NCOC guidelines, kids under 12 years of age will not be allowed inside the stadium during the PSL. However, on an opening day, several people came with kids to the venue. The PCB then issued a reminder and offered a refund to the people who had purchased tickets for the kids.

The incident on Saturday evening was witnessed at the main building entry where most of the entrants were complimentary passes given to sponsors and franchise officials.

Some kids burst into tears after they were denied entry and their family kept requesting PCB officials to let their kids enter, but for no gain.

While some kids were seen crying, one kid was seen offering Nadeem Omar "full support to Quetta Gladiators" if he can help him enter the venue for the match.

Meanwhile, PCB's GM operation said that PCB has taken all the decisions on basis of guidelines from NCOC and there was no other choice but to stop kids U12 from entering the stadium as the basic condition to entry is being fully vaccinated.

"No one likes to stop these kids and make them feel bad, but we have no option but to follow the NCOC guidelines. We will try to talk to them again to find a way out but this is for everyone's health and safety," said Wahla.

"I can understand when parents say some kids were allowed, we did check on these kids and verified their vaccination records, we are trying our best to implement the rule without any discrimination," he said while adding that fans are the first priority for the Pakistan Cricket Board.