Amir Khan says Kell Brook has no chance of winning the February 19 fight

"I think he is bitter and I see a bit of jealousy in him," Amir says about Kell

By Web Desk
January 21, 2022
Amir Khan.  Photo Source: Twitter 

Amir Khan and Kell Brook continue to get involved in a heated argument against each other ahead of the crucial fight on February 19, and this time around it is Amir who has made a fiery statement by saying that Kell has no chance of winning the fight and he is going to "destroy him." 

Amir while talking to Sky Sports News said: "I think Kell Brook is very bitter and this is a good time for me to put the issue straight between us because he has always thought he is the better fighter than me. He's always said he should have had the recognition that I had and believes that should have been him. But at the end of the day, my skills made me the name I am today."

Khan revealed: "I'm just a hard worker and beating the big names around the world, coming to America and winning world titles is what got me here and I really never got it easy. Whereas Kell, I think he is bitter and I see a bit of jealousy in him."

When Amir was asked if he was nervous ahead of the fight, he stated: "I'm not scared, I'm not nervous, I'm just going to go in there and do what I do best. Kell I think is going to be scared. It is affecting him now because we are four weeks away from the fight."

"I want to just shut him up and I want to really put a beating on him and show the public who the better fighter is. I don't think he has the same work rate as me or punches as many times or has the same speed as me, so I have that advantage over him."

"I don't think Kell has a chin or can take a good shot. I think his punch resistance is gone, literally gone, and I honestly believe that he is doing this fight just for that payday.

"I'm doing this for the public, because it's what they want. If I don't take this fight, people will always say to me 'but you didn't fight Kell'. He says he's going to beat me and do this and that, I hope he tries to. But I just don't see him doing anything."

"Kell's has no chance of winning this fight, I can honestly say that to you. Come February 19, I'm going to destroy him and it's going to be a masterclass. The way I destroy him, I think he'll need to retire after that. This will be his fight," he concluded.