Haris Rauf sheds light on his COVID-safe celebration in BBL

"It was a small effort on my part to create awareness for COVID-19," says Haris Rauf

By Sohail Imran
January 19, 2022
Haris Rauf - Photo: Melbourne Stars Twitter

Pakistani pacer Haris Rauf represented the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League (BBL) for a few matches this season.

During one of the matches, the unique style of the pacer became very popular. After taking a wicket, he sanitised his hands and put on a face mask, which was praised and appreciated.

Talking about returning home from Australia, Haris said: "A lot of cases of coronavirus were on the rise in Australia. One day I thought Australians should be made aware of this, and so I put a mask in my pocket and celebrated after taking the wicket.

"It is very important to use hand sanitiser and wear face mask. My style of celebration was appreciated, and it was a small effort on my part to create awareness."

The right-arm fiery pacer returned after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recalled its players from the BBL.