Pakistan Test opener Abid Ali starts rehabilitation at NHPC

Abid starts his rehabilitation at the NHPC in Lahore this week, under the supervision of PCB's medical team

By Web Desk
January 12, 2022
Pakistan's right-handed batter in Test cricket, Abid Ali. Photo: AFP

Pakistan's Test opener Abid Ali has started his rehabilitation at the National High-Performance Centre (NHPC) in Lahore this week, under the supervision of the Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB) medical team.

Abid while speaking to PCB at NHPC, said: "As cricket has a second inning, the Almighty has given me a second life. I cannot thank the Almighty enough that I am sitting here today."

While talking about his condition during that match, he revealed: "I started to feel uneasiness and pain while batting. It worried me. When the pain intensified, I did some running and also consulted my batting partner Azhar Ali."

"Subsequently and with the permission of the umpires, I left the field. But as I reached the rope, I started to vomit and got dizzy. The team physio and doctor Asad [Central Punjab's team doctor] ran towards me, took off my pads, and rushed me to a hospital," he added.

As he was on his way to the hospital, Abid was unaware of what was unfolding. He had taken the pain that he felt in his chest as a usual muscular one, but it was after the doctors put him under tests that the gravity of the situation unveiled.

"I was not aware that I was having a heart issue," he said. 

"The doctors conducted ECG (electrocardiogram), which did not come out fine. They asked me how I was even walking and told me, 'A normal person's heart operates at 55 per cent, while mine was operating a 30 per cent. A valve of your heart is blocked and we will have to insert two stents.' That left me in state of shock," he informed about his condition.

"The PCB medical team has prepared a rehab plan for me. God willing, I will try to hold the bat as early as I can and start training," Abid informed.

"Cricket is my life. It is a priceless aspect of my life that I do not want to leave. I am trying to return to cricket as soon as I can … I am hopeful that I will make my comeback [in cricket] in this new life that the Almighty has given me."

Abid also gave the fans a message. 

"I want to give a message to everyone: Health is wealth. My request to all the fans is to get yourself screened regularly. This incident helped me to realize its important," he added.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja also congratulated Abid. 

"Welcome back, Abid Ali. Many congratulations to you [on your recovery] as one’s life changes after such an experience. It is your courage that you still have a smile on your face. Such experiences are a learning curve," Raja said.