Valorant's developer Riot Games launces new amazing character 'Neon'

Valornat on official Twitter account announces introduction of Neon, provides link to video on YouTube

By Web Desk
January 07, 2022
This picture shows the features of the newly launched, Neon.  Photo Source: Twitter

Valorant, which is considered to be one of the most popular games, has a brand new playable character called Neon.

Valornat, on their official Twitter handle, announced the introduction of Neon into the game and provided a link to a video on YouTube which reveals what Neon consists of.

In the trailer on YouTube, it can be seen that Neon enters into a room and then takes a device in her hand which says 'Welcome Neon'. After throwing a glance around the room, Neon then quickly lays down on her bed and starts reviewing intelligence information. 

After that, she falls asleep on her bed, and in her dreams, viewers get to see some great looks at Neon's gameplay skills and as well as her abilities.

Vanille Velasquez, the voice-over artist for Neon, took to her Twitter handle, and wrote: "I am unbelievably honoured, stoked and PROUD AF to announce that I am the voice of VALORANT Agent 19 NEON."

"This has been such a dream come true. I'm kind of at a loss right now. This doesn't feel real. I can't believe I'm really saying this right now," she added.