Which feature is PUBG going to get on January 12?

The new feature which is set to arrive on January 12 will provide players with new ways and options to win matches

By Web Desk
January 05, 2022

PUBG, one of the most highly-played online games in the world, will get another unique feature as the new item — which is free — will be available to all users on January 12 and will provide them with new ways and options to win matches.

The wonderful short clip of the new feature, posted on the official Twitter handle of PUBG, had an interesting caption.

"Free-to-play isn't the only thing coming to this update, we've got the new tactical gear to change up your squad play," the caption on the Twitter handle read. 

Meanwhile, the clip showed some features like drones with red and green lights acting as signals, that will help players locate others who are hiding inside houses or at the other strategic buildings.

However, on the other hand, it is still not clear whether drones can help players in killing their opponents or not.