My WWE career is mostly likely over, says Paul Heyman

Heyman finally breaks silence in an interview with Kayla Braxton

By Web Desk
December 25, 2021
Roman Reigns' (Left) and Paul Heyman (Right).  Photo Source: Twitter

Paul Heyman finally broke his silence in an interview with Kayla Braxton regarding the controversy over Roman Reigns' behavior and said that "my career is most likely over". 

During the interview, the anchor asked Heyman, what's next for you?

He took a deep breath and replied: "I put every bit of my heart and my soul and my spirit into serving as Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns' because I believe in him. Without that, maybe it's time for me to acknowledge that my career is most likely over."

During the interview, Heyman also elaborated upon the fact that he had told truth to Reigns' when he said that he was protecting him from Brock Lesnar, but he didn't want to hear it.

"I was fired and humiliated publicly as well as paid a price for telling the truth," he added.

Meanwhile, the response for which the fans were eagerly waiting from Heyman in the SmackDown's Christmas Eve episode on December 24 is finally out.