Paul Heyman to speak for first time after Roman Reigns' behavior

Paul Heyman will speak for the first time after Roman Reigns thrashed him during last Friday's SmackDown

By Web Desk
December 24, 2021
Roman Reigns (Left) and Paul Heyman (Right).  Photo Source:Twitter

Paul Heyman will speak for the first time and break his silence in the upcoming Christmas Eve episode of SmackDown regarding the controversy over Roman Reigns' behavior during last Friday's SmackDown episode.

However, it is unclear whether Heyman will be by Brock's corner. The WWE fans will have to wait for his answers during SmackDown's Christmas Eve episode on December 24. 

The drama unfolded during last episode on December 17, when Roman fired Heyman from his service and in the end performed the super-man punch on his face to leave the audience amazed. 

WWE's description about last week's issue also reads: "Universal Champion Roman Reigns absolutely floored the WWE Universe (and Paul Heyman) when he hugged his Special Council and thanked him for 40 years of service to his family before viciously firing him with a Superman Punch out of nowhere."

"Now, quite literally a man without an Island (of Relevancy), Heyman will speak for the first time since being let go with extreme prejudice," it added.