It wasn't only the racism, a lot of bullying was going on: Jahid Ahmed on racism at Essex

Jahid Ahmed is the third player who spoken out about racism at Essex

By Web Desk
November 25, 2021
Photo: Screenshot of video shared by Sky Sports

Former Essex fast bowler Jahid Ahmed Tuesday said he faced “racism and bullying” throughout his time at the club disclosing that members of his team used to call him names and mimic him all the time. 

The former fast bowler said that he was pressured to attend a team meeting at a pub while fasting in Ramadan.

"It wasn't only the racism, a lot of bullying was going on, there was a lot of class issues. Mimicking, taking the mick out of personal things, those things were hard to take on.

"It felt like I was in a school getting bullied by a bully, you try and avoid that bully and that's how I felt when I was in the dressing room. I used to get picked on for my voice, they used to make a mockery out of it and put on a Chinese accent. That continued until 2009," Jahid told Sky Sports.

During his time at Essex, he played seven first-class matches between 2005 and 2009.

Jahid said that the environment after joining the main team became "very toxic" for him at a young age.

"I was lucky enough to play for Essex and went on to join the main squad when I was 19. The environment we went into straight away was very toxic. The word 'curry-muncher' was the first word I heard when I went in. I used to ask some of the senior players, and they said 'don't worry about it, just focus on your cricket'.

"The person who used to say those words, we used to ask him why, and he would turn around and say 'because you guys stink of curry'. It's obviously a horrible thing to experience," he added.