Monday Night Raw: Invader attacks WWE superstar Seth Rollins

WWE referee elbows attack, finally setting Seth Rollins free

By Web Desk
November 24, 2021
Photo: Screenshot of video shared on Twitter

WWE superstar Seth Rollins on Monday was attacked by a WWE fan at the Barclays Center. As Rollins walked back from his match, a fan jumped over the guard rail and launched himself at Seth Rollins during 'Monday Night Raw'.

The video has been shared on every social media platform, where we can see the fan ran into Seth Rollins and get on top of him. 

Rollins can be seen in the video clip, trying to push him off to set himself free.

A referee from the match elbowed the fan on the back, finally setting Seth Rollins free.

“WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously, the individual who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned over to the NYPD and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” WWE said in a statement.