PCB announces reduction in compensation of national cricketers

Cricketers are worried about the PCB's new policy regarding players match fees

By Sohail Imran
November 24, 2021

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday has changed the domestic match-fee policy of centrally contracted cricketers and players will only get match fees.

The policy of out-of-play privileges has been changed, which has led to concerns among Central Contract Cricketers about the unannounced policy change.

To attract central contract and national team cricketers to domestic cricket, the PCB had formulated a policy a few years ago that if central contracted cricketers play domestic cricket, they would get half the fee for the match as per the central contract. This policy continued till last domestic season and now centrally contracted cricketers will get only domestic match fee.

Cricketers have showed their concerns about the changed policy and said that the policy has been abruptly changed without any explaination and notice.

Cricketers are worried about reduction in compensation and say that the Chairman of PCB, Rameez Raja had earlier declared money for the cricketers but as per the new policy cricketers' compensation has been reduced

In this regard, when the PCB was contacted, it was informed that the distinction of compensation at all levels has been abolished. The players with central contract will now get the same match fee.

The PCB clarified that in terms of seniority, the slab system is no longer applicable. National team players who play international matches have the same match fee, and the same will be applied for domestic matches.

The compensation policy was changed to eliminate uniformity and discrimination in match fees.