I would love to comeback: Lionel Messi on Barcelona return

Lionel Messi surprised the football world by leaving Barcelona for Paris-Saint Germain on a free transfer after his contract expired

By Web Desk
November 24, 2021
Photo: Twitter

Lionel Messi parted ways with Barcelona to join Paris-Saint Germain after his contract expired in June, but the Argentine has said that he would love to return to Barcelona in the future and "contribute and help" the club.

"I always said that at some point I will return to Barcelona because it is my home and because I am going to live there. And obviously, if I can contribute and help the club I would love to come back," Lionel Messi told MARCA in an interview.

Lionel Messi joined his former Barcelona teammate Neymar Jr in Paris-Saint Germain in June on a free transfer.

Lionel Messi was also asked about Paris-Saint Germain being the favorites to win the UEFA Champions League.

"Everyone says that we are the big favorites and I will not deny that we are one of the candidates by name, but we still need things to become a really strong team. We have to finish consolidating as a team and we have the advantage of having very great players to achieve it," Messi said.

While Paris-Saint Germain are the favorites to win the Champions League, Lionel Messi also said the Champions League itself is a challenging competition and the highly competitive teams make it more complicated than ever.

"But we are not the only ones, there are other great teams that are candidates. The Champions League is a very difficult competition, which makes it so beautiful and special. The best teams are there and it is getting more and more complicated. Yes, amongst the favorites, but not the only ones.," he added.

Paris-Saint Germain will face Manchester City in a blockbuster clash at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday.