NBA: Lebron James booed by Detroit Pistons crowd after on-court brawl

After Lebron James elbowed Isaiah Stewart in LA Lakers and Detroit Pistons match, both were marched to their locker rooms

By Web Desk
November 22, 2021
Photo: Screen shot of a video on Twitter

Legendary basketball player Lebron James on Monday was booed by the furious Detroit Pistons crowd after a fight broke out in Los Angeles Lakers' win over Detroit Pistons.

The match between Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons turned out to be a horror show after an on-court brawl.

Lebron James elbowed Pistons star Isaiah Stewart on his head in the third quarter of the match as they fought a rebound on a second free-throw attempt.

After regaining his feet from the struck, Isaiah retaliated and fiercely charged at Lebron James for hitting him.

Isaiah Stewart was taken away by security and teammates, but they couldn't hold him tightly as he charged at Lebron James before he was again stopped short of reaching Lebron.

As Stewart's face bled, he was looking at Lebron furiously with a murderous look.

When the fight ended, Isaiah Stewart and Lebron James were both expelled from the game and were taken to their respective locker rooms.

Los Angeles Lakers beat Detroit Pistons with figures 121-116 in the fiery game.

Lebron James, nicknamed "King James" is widely considered as one of the greatest players in the history of basketball.