Stakes are high but will perform strongly in World Cup: U-19 captain Rohail Nazir

Under-19 captain Rohail Nazir. Photo: Twitter

Pakistan's Under-19 captain Rohail Nazir on Saturday assured that his team is on the right track "to perform strongly" in the Under-19 World Cup ahead of tomorrow's first clash against Scotland in Potchefstroom.

"We are fully prepared to take on Scotland in our opener in less than 24 hours. Of course, we are nervous but our coach's [Ijaz Ahmed] pep talks have already calmed down lots of nerves and we are completely focused, motivated and determined to perform strongly," Nazir said..

The 18-year-old added that his side is well-equipped for the challenge, though is not underestimating his opponents and expects a competition.

"I firmly believe we are best prepared for the World Cup but I think all other 15 sides have arrived in South Africa firmly believing they can win the tournament," he said.

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"We all know stakes are high in this tournament and if we can achieve strong results, then we edge closer to our dreams of representing Pakistan at the highest level," Nazir said. "At this level, this incentive is greater and bigger than anything and will shadow us in this tournament and I am confident we will win the tournament."

Pakistan, who won their second and last World Cup 14 years ago, are the third most successful side in the history of the U19 World Cup after India, who have won the event four times, and Australia, the three-time championship.

Pakistan’s group fixtures:

January 19 – v Scotland, Potchefstroom

January 22 – v Zimbabwe, Potchefstroom

January 24 – v Bangladesh, Potchefstroom

U19 Cricket World Cup 2020 Groups:

Group A – India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Japan

Group B – Australia, England, West Indies and Nigeria

Group C – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Scotland

Group D – Afghanistan, South Africa, UAE and Canada