Prizes Points Chart: (For 12 Matches)

Prize Name Quantity Per Match Required Points
Easyload (Topup of 100 Rs Each) 1000 83 100
Data/Charging Cable 100 8 500
SD Card (16 GB) 100 8 1000
World Cup T-Shirt 50 4 1500
Power Bank 50 4 2000
Tape Ball Bat 10 1 3000
IPhone X (Req: all Pakistan matches) 1 0 5000

Activity Points Chart:

Activity Name Points Awarded
Ball to Ball Prediction 1
Pre-Match Questions 10
During Match Questions 10
Bonus Rounds Predictions 1-5
Power Play Predictions 2
Daily Attendance Points 100-500
User Referral Points (on a new install on a new device?) 50
Achievement Sharing Points 25
Bonus Points to play all spells of an innings. 50
Bonus Points to play all spells of a match 100
Bonus points for all correct predictions in a spell 100
Bonus Points for all correct pre-match predictions 100
Bonus Points for all correct during-match predictions 100

What are the Bonus Rounds?

Bonus rounds will be sponsored ball-to-ball prediction rounds that are sponsored by a brand against their own prize. They will not be part of the regular prize-chart and their entry will only be possible through its own spell. However, points earned through a bonus round will be added to the total points of the user and will help user win entries to regular prizes.

How many regular & bonus rounds are there in a single match?

There will be a 3 over long regular round at least twice in every 10 overs. There will be a power play round whenever teams are playing in power play mode. And there will be bonus rounds in between regular and power play rounds.

How do I win all these prizes?

You can win these prizes by collecting the amount of points required for that particular prize. In case there are more people who qualify for a prize we will do a draw to select the winners.

How do I get points?

There are many ways you can quickly rackup the points as almost every thing you do in the game will earn you points from playing the ball-to-ball prediction game to predict the questions we ask and from simply playing a single round to sharing your achievements with your friends. A complete points scoring chart is given on this link.

How do I play the game?

There are 2 types of the prediction games we have

Ball To Ball Predictions: In this game you will be asked to predict the outcome of any ball in advance. Based on your prediction, you will be awarded points.

Prediction Questions: We will ask questions like who will win the match? Who will be the man of the match? Who will be the top scorer? How much opening batsman will score? Etc… Correct answers to these questions will also get you points.

Are there other ways to earn points besides playing these prediction games?

Although playing is the most important part of the game but yes there are other ways you can earn points and in fact a lot more points than what you will get through playing the game. For example

  • - You get bonus points by playing at least one spell in each match.
  • - You get points on playing all spells of a match.
  • - You get points by referring your friends.
  • - You get points by sharing your achievements with your social media friends.

What if I earn more than 5000 points?

If you earn more than 5000 points you get the entry to our grand prize of an IPhone X. If there still more matches to be played, for every 500 points you will get an additional entry to all of these prizes.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

You should aim to play all of the rounds and question based predictions to score as much bonus points as possible. You should also visit the app on a daily basis as you will get daily attendance points that will keep on increasing for every consecutive day. You should talk about the game with your friends and send them the invitation link so you get bonus points when they download the app. You should also share your achievements with your social media friends as they will also get you points. A bonus tip is that your achievement social share will also carry your invite link so if anyone installs the app following that link, you will get referral points for that.