"Sit face-to-face and discuss matters", Ahmed Shehzad challenges Waqar Younis

June 25, 2022
By Web Desk

Source: AFP

KARACHI: Discarded opening batter Ahmed Shehzad called out former pacer and head coach Waqar Younis for ruining his career.

Speaking to a local publication, Shehzad challenged Younis to come face-to-face to discuss all the issues the latter had written in his report against him after ICC World Cup 2015.

"I have not seen the report myself but a PCB official told me that these remarks have been said regarding me. But I believe that these things should be discussed face-to-face and I am ready to take on that challenge. Then we will see who is right and who is wrong," the batter stated.

"Maybe I have more things to say and I might even have a bigger reach than them but I opt to stay quiet because you need to live up to your own standards. But their words hurt my career, especially since I was not allowed to present my case," he maintained.

Shehzad also alleged his teammates for associating him with Umar Akmal. "Some of my teammates tried to associate my name with Umar Akmal by planning to give negative impression regarding me," he said.

It must be noted here that Shehzad and Umar made their comeback in T20Is against Sri Lanka when Waqar became bowling coach of the national team.

'Sit face-to-face and discuss matters', Ahmed Shehzad challenges Waqar Younis