لندن : دنیا بھر میں تقریباً ایک ارب 80کروڑ ناظرین میچوں سے لطف اندوز ہوئے            ممبئی : بی سی سی آئی کا سری سانتھ سے متعلق ہائی کورٹ بنچ کے فیصلے کوچیلنج کرنے کافیصلہ            ممبئی : آئی پی ایل 2013 میں اسپاٹ فکسنگ کے الزام کا سامنا کرنے والے فاسٹ بولرسری سانتھ کوفوری طورپرواپسی کا موقع نہ دیا جائے ، بی سی سی آئی            
live web tv
  MA SHAH 2010   CL - T20 2010
  Australia vs England   Pakistan vs England
  SFL-2   Panja
  ICC T20 WC (April-May)   Asia Cup 2010
  Pakistan Day 23rd March match   Super Headline News (24th March Launch)
  Bouncer Series   RBS T20 CUP 2009
  52nd National Badminton Championship   CL T20 2009
  SOM   Hockey is Back
  IPL Doosra-Cricket ka Jalwa   34th National NJI Snooker Championship
  Thanda Garam   Super Gossip
  Howzatt   2nd and 3rd Ranking Snooker Championship
  Ashes/Australia Tour to England   ICC World Cup T20 2009
  MA Shah Night Trophy   Champions Trophy 09
  Saat Roza Test Series   Chappell-Hadlee Trophy 2007
  Super Exclusive   Final Analysis
  ICC Champions Trophy 2006   ICC World Cup of Cricket 2007
  Super Eye   Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2007
  22nd Pakistan Saquash Championship   Abu Dhabi Series, 07
  South Africa Tour India   23rd Asian Snooker Championships
  3-Mobile Ashes Test Series 2006-07   3rd Asian Central Zone Volleyball
  ABN AMRO Twenty20 Cup 2006   Indo-Pakistan Volleyball Test Series 2007
  Srilanka vs New Zealand Cricket Series   Super Football League 2007
  The West Indies in India   ICC World Twenty20 Cup
  Bolain Kya Baat Hai   Mobilink Hunt For Heroes
  Lahore Marathon 2007   Australia tour to India
  CWB Series, Jan-Feb-07   A1 GP Racing Season 3 and 4
  Chennai Open Tennis Jan-07   ICL 2008
  Super Polo Championships   IPL 2008
  PSO Skiing Championship 2007-08   Trination Tournament 2008
  India Take on Sri Lanka   Asia Cup 2008
  Olympics 08   MAC Kyukoshin
  Khelo aur Jeeto   Ramiz's Lounge
  RBS Twenty20 Cup 07-08   Australia Vs India Series


CL - T20 2010

Last event before marking mark 4 years of sports development and true sports coverage for million of sports fans.

MA SHAH 2010

Established itself as a primier Club Level Ramadan tournament, for 4 years in a row Geo Super broadcasted the event to make viewers ramadan more memorable in form of Live Cricket in which various cricket stars also participated. To make event more memorable this year Afghanistan Academy team not only participated but also won the tournament.

Pakistan vs England

Most difficult tour , that saw some really high and low points for Pakistan Cricket.

Australia vs England

Tradional Rival England vs Australia clashed in a 5 match Odi series, to warm things up for winter Ashes down under.


Tradional Rival England vs Australia clashed in a 5 match Odi series, to warm things up for winter Ashes down under.

SFL - 2

The Geo Super Football League (SFL) was created as a way to fuse Pakistan's football talent, with experienced internationals playing with youth, and to develop football in Pakistan.

Asia Cup 2010

Asia rivarly is back again, after nearly 10th months the arch rivals Pakistan and India clashed in the event.

ICC T20 WC (April-May)

Pakistan crowned T20 champs in 2009 live on geo Super, now again Pakistan look to defend its title in West Indies starting on 30th April till 16th May.

Super Headline News (24th March Launch)

Another first by Geo Super, Pakistan first round the clock dedicated sports news at every 57th min of the hour.

Pakistan Day 23rd March match

To Celebrate Pakistan day Geo Super and PCB decided to bring top notch cricketers live to all cricket fans across Pakistan. Live Cricket action from stadiums of Pakistan specially after March 3 attacks.

RBS T20 CUP 2009

Pakistan most popular domestic event and probably the only Live cricket action taking place in Pakistan, in its bid to fullfilled unmatched Pakistan cricket fans appetite tha has been hampered since March 3 2009.

Bouncer Series

Pakistan clashed with Australia in a test series after a gap of more than 4 years to re build Pak-Aus rivalry in cricket.

CL T20 2009

Champion of champions team clashing for the first time in a truly global T20 league.

52nd National Badminton Championship

Badminton the game of masses ,is truly being developed now at domestic level as it is now being telecasted live on Geo Super nationwide 52nd National Badminton Championship was one such event.


As Geo Super is the channel of viewers for the viewers.

Giving credit to its viewers ; the channel now gives them an opportunity to chose their favorite sportsman ;viewers votes nominate Sportsman of the month which will then be transformed into sportsman of the year.
Hockey is Back

Geo Super is playing its part in the revival of the national game ;starting at the grass root level and giving more importance to domestic events like Olympians vs Junior and Junior hockey league

IPL Doosra –Cricket ka Jalwa

Taking cricket league to a new level of popularity. Geo Super telecasted the second season of IPL live from South Africa. Promoting and presenting the event as such that it became the most awaited and glamorous event in the sports.

34th National NJI Snooker Championship

The National Snooker Championship was telecasted live on Geo Super ,such initiatives make create masses appeal in the sports which is a long term investment in its development.

Thanda Garam

A sports program in which positive and negative angle of sports news discussed by experts and then concluded by consent with public poll.

There is nothing more happening and entertaining then that for a sports fan and its all there in Thanda and Garam.
The show does not form opinions but does provide the complete picture of event with its controversies and is definitely be spicy.
Super Gossip

Sports and glamour industry compliment each other like no other ,Super Gossip the first and the only program of its nature ; in which we give the viewers all of the juicy gossipy news about sports happenings and sports celebrities that everyone wants to know


The first ever cricket interactive game show.
Offering viewers to play cricket in different bowling and batting scenarios of the sport
live on Geo Super.

2nd and 3rd Ranking Snooker Championship

Taking initiative to develop the Snooker on domestic level ,which is the investment on international level we have been the telecasting the domestic ranking championships in this past year.

Ashes/Australia Tour to England

Geo Super has brought the oldest rivalry of the cricket world to the viewers in Pakistan twice. making such international event popular among masses in Pakistan as well, feeding their sports enthusiasm.

ICC World Cup T20 2009

The historical event that made Pakistan the World T20 Champion was telecasted live exclusively on Geo Super, every moment of the event taking the excitement to new level of the Nation.

MA Shah Night Trophy

Encouraging the domestic cricket scenario of cricket apart from the official domestic events we have also covered the MA Shah night trophy live as well.

Champions Trophy 09

This is the event with which the journey of Geo Super began ,now once again we are bringing the mega cricket event of eight nations live on Geo Super .

Saat Roza Test Series

Hosted by the great Waseem Akram, this series set the bar for what’s to come on Geo Super

Entertaining and questioning high-profile guests like Imran Khan, Inzamam ul Haq, Zaheer Abbas, and Rameez Raja, Waseem Akram introduced us to sides of these legends we never knew existed
Super Exclusive

When ever sports issues happen there is– Super Exclusive with experts on the subject doing analysis on the latest happening of the sports scene.

The unique approach to these issues has led to this show being a hit among Super viewers as we are a cricket-loving nation, mostly cricket issues among others are discussed with candor and without bias
ICC Champions Trophy 2006

The first live sports offering on your first Pakistani sports channel was one of the biggest of the year – the ICC Champions Trophy 2006

Geo Super blossomed during this tournament as we went from strength to strength, blazing a trail of successes with simultaneous live transmissions of matches en route to the mighty Australians’ domination of this event.
Super Eye

As the name suggests, Super Eye set out with a simple objective – key in on the hot issues of the sport, tournament, or whatever this unique offering became a a part of

We offer experts’ views, pre-match analyses, during match strategies and evaluations, rounding off with post-match wrap-ups and hints of what could be expected subsequently; This program has been offered with every sporting live event
22nd Pakistan Squash Championship

Geo Super re-focused on the sport that was once our pride and undertook the task of bursting and rallying our way through the Pakistan Open Squash

The coverage not only added flavor to the event, but enhanced attendance
as well
South Africa Tour India

Building on our new-found friendship with our next-door neighbors, India, we acquired rights to local series in India for cricket, the first of which proved to be a nail-biter.

As the Proteas entered the sub-continent, Geo Super accompanied you as it they charted their successes and brooded their failings in this ordeal spanning over two months
3-Mobile Ashes Test Series 2006-07

Touted as the oldest, richest, and most sought after test series in the world, how could we let our viewers watch the Australian domination of the under-talented and over-whelmed Englishmen on any other channel but their own

We stood side by side with you as, all while Australia obliterated England 5-0
ABN AMRO Twenty20 Cup 2006

ABN AMRO and the Pakistan Cricket Board took an initiative a couple years back to enhance audience participation in the game of cricket and offer a more time-friendly version of the game catching fire the world over

Haroon Rasheed, Moin Khan, Mohsin Hassan Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed, Aaqib Javed, all came together on Geo Super to create an unparalleled panel of commentators, going ball for ball as the Sialkot Stallions took center stage for winning the third installation of this tournament
Srilanka vs New Zealand Cricket Series

As these two masters in the art of winning, the Sri Lankan squad and the resilient Kiwis, took the field, We televise this series straight to your living rooms

Hushering us forth into the year of the World Cup – 2007, as Sri Lanka emerged victorious with the magic of Murali working its wonders on the Kiwis
The West Indies in India

The start of the year ushered in a new series of cricket, and knowing you, our viewers, we leapt at the opportunity to bring you another great one-day series

The evenly matched sides showed off their talents on Geo Super, as did we, providing quality analyses before, during and after each match, as India took it to the Windies, white-washing the series
Bolain Kya Baat Hai

The premier interactive sports show in truest sense of the word– your questions and issues, addressed directly to the powers that be, in whatever sport it may be

Whether it was the World Cup debacle, the current state of flux in squash discussed with Jahangir Khan, hockey’s on-going crisis, Inzi’s stepping down from captaincy,Shoib being banned or Muhammad Asif being on trial or whatever burning issue in sports that finds its way into your minds, we have been with you in getting to the bottom of things
Lahore Marathon 2007

Since its inception in 2005, the Standard Chartered Lahore Marathon – Run Lahore Run, has etched its mark on the Geo TV Network

WGeo Supercontinued over time to bring this event to your screens
CWB Series, Jan-Feb-07

The new year saw a resurgent one-day side in England take on the rebounding Kiwis and recently crowned ICC Champions’ Trophy Champions Australia square off in a one-day triangle series that was destined to be one for the ages

Coming off a humiliating Ashes defeat at the hands of the mighty Aussies, England was out to prove a point, and did so with style, clinching this sensational series in style and as always, we were there to bring this great feat to you live and exclusive, only on Geo Super
Chennai Open Tennis Jan-07

We started the year off strong with tennis, showing the complete men’s only competition, each baseline shot, serve, volley, and drop shot at a time

GeoSuper viewers saw Xavier Malisse take the title in a great final, and all the way through the tournament and were treated to a great tennis spectacle
Super Polo Championships

Geo TV Network first brought you Polo in the build up to the World Cup in 2003 when India faced off against Pakistan and the nail-biting finish with Pakistan taking the spoils in extra chukkars

This spurred on an exponential growth in the sport and participation nationwide to the point that Pakistan now enjoys participation from some of the world’s premier polo players

In 2007 and 08, we once again took up the reins in leading this ride-off, presenting the nation’s top tournaments’ finals live on Geo Super, including the Aibak Cup Final in rain affected season in a completely new format with tidbits from polo enthusiasts
Shandur and Spring Blossom festival finals live from Gilgit
PSO Skiing Championship 2007-08

Just in case our brethren from the north felt left out, we made a special effort to make a trek thought he snow-covered peaks of the Karakoram to get to the PSO Skiing Championship 2007and 2008

The closing ceremony of this event for telecast live straight from Swat as our hosts and producers made a resilient stand to broadcast this ceremony, just for you – our viewers, and our lifeblood
India Take on Sri Lanka

India was ready to bounce back after being malhandled by the South Africans and took on the Sri Lankans, fresh from their own win over the Kiwis, in a whirlwind tour of one-dayers

While the Indians were busy re-creating their winning touch, Geo Super was right there breaking down each match and offering key insights to its viewers during live transmissions, only on our nation’s first & only dedicated sports channel, your Geo Super
Chappell-Hadlee Trophy 2007

In a buildup to the Cricket World Cup in the Carribean, the Aussies and Kiwis renewed a long-standing rivalry in cricket, aptly named after greats from both nations, in an effort to catch steam for the imminently approaching mother of all competitions

This series was a storm before the storm – in high scoring belters of matches between the two traditional rivals, which the Kiwis came out victorious from, clinching the five-match series in the last match,
Final Analysis

One of our most fascinating offerings, Hosted by Haroon Rashid and analysis of Ramiz Raja this program was launched to break down every team coming into the World Cup 2007, according to their strengths, weaknesses, weigh them against the competition they would face and identify players and facts that would prove critical to their teams’ success

Ever since its inception, prior to every major similar tournament, Final Analysis has become a part of our regular fare in presenting the best to you
ICC World Cup of Cricket 2007

The name says it all – Geo Super was at the front, burning a trail for all to see as we brought you, along with our Network channel Aag, the biggest event in cricket – the World Cup

Though our own boys in green didn’t fare all that well, your favorite sport channel, Geo Super was there every ball of the way, bringing you hundreds of hours of cricket live, throughout, without missing a beat, of the World Cup
Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2007

Geo TV Network has previously brought you the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament, and this time around too bringing every match live from ipoh Malaysia as Australia proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, whatever the sport, took the trophy of 16th Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament 2007,

Abu Dhabi Series, 07

After the ICC World Cup 07, there were huge changes in the Pakistan team, reminiscent of the shuffle at the previous world cup

Our new look team faced off against a Sri Lankan side that was resting its big name players after a respectable runner up campaign in the recently concluded world cup
23rd Asian Snooker Championships

Many had heard of Yousaf, Saleh, and even Naveen before these Championships, but as is our way, this time Geo Super unearthed a new Super Star on the horizon of Pakistan Snooker, and his name was Khurram Agha.

We brought you over 40 hours of live snooker over this week-long tournament, in which we saw many upsets, cueing excellency, and a rising star, Agha, actually beating the man who was to ultimately be the champion of the tournament – Supoj Saenla
3rd Asian Central Zone Volleyball

Pakistan was once recognized as a powerhouse in Asian volleyball, and we are committed to see it at that same pinnacle again

The President of Pakistan, in his opening address admired the efforts of Super in the development of sport in Pakistan, and showed the same conviction we have in ourselves, of striving to always provide you the best possible in sport entertainment, on your channel, Geo Super
Indo-Pakistan Volleyball Test Series 2007

An exciting opportunity presented itself when, right after the 3rd Asian Central Zone Volleyball, the Indian team, the Champions of the tournament, stayed behind to play a four-match test series against our Pakistani squad

Team Geo Super never lost faith in the abilities of our Volleyball players, and traveled with them from Peshawar, to Wah, Islamabad, ending up in Lahore, where the boys gave their guests a great fight, sending them home with a tied series, and you were there with us, witnessing each live on your favorite sports channel – Geo Super
Super Football League 2007

In April 2006, a key team from Geo TV Network signed an agreement with the Pakistan Football Federation, a treaty that would change the face of football in Pakistan

After over a year’s preparations, selection camps in five different locations to hand-pick the elite of the sport in Pakistan, we launched the Super Football League live from Karach

Played under flood-lights, the teams – Tribe F.C. Peshawar, Islamabad United, Lahore Lajpaals F.C., Quetta Zorawar, and the Karachi Bazigar, all made themselves household names and players like Essa, Arif, Farooq Shah, Yasir Afridi, and Jadid “the Jackpot” Pathan made places in your hearts

We remain eager bring you the next installment of SFL – Kyunke Dunya GOAL Hai
ICC World Twenty20 Cup

ICC World Twenty20 Cup, was the first tournament of its kind – so it was only fitting that you witness it on the first channel of its kind in Pakistan – your very own, first sports channel in the nation, GEO SUPER

We watched as our boys in green scratched and clawed, often brilliant in their new-found youth and leadership, played for the pride of our nation, and we all stood together often in admiration, sometimes in defeat and desperation, saluting each effort they made to gain laurels for us – their fans
Mobilink Hunt For Heroes

55 camps were executed across country to finally select an elite talented group of around 40 youngsters to groom them into the champions of tomorrow, each of them were covered by Geo Super

Over the next four years, we will watch these talented youth grow into Heroes – geared towards making them the team to beat for the upcoming World Cup of Cricket 2011
The culminating final of this “Pehla Qadam” was brought to you live
Australia tour to India

The ODI series awaited by all had pendulum-sequel shifts in momentum between these two powerhouses of international cricket

Only fittingly, the result was a thrilling draw, and each moment was shown live, only on Geo Super
A1 GP Racing Season 3 and 4

The A1GP World Cup of Motorsport once again zoomed into action at break-neck speeds onto Geo Super screens across the nation
We cheered for Team Pakistan across the globe from New Zealand to Brands Hatch

We were there with you, cheering on Team Pakistan, bringing you the World Cup of Motorsport, and are at the ready, revving our engines once again, to bring you Season 4, starting September 2008
ICL 2008

Indian Cricket League the most controversial cricketing event in recent history was once again aired live on Geo Super.

The event we thought set the precedent for “cricketainment” – the fusion of Bollywood, T20 cricket, forming a complete entertainment package for the family to enjoy.
With the gaining popularity of the ICL, the ICL World Series was also a great hit, as we saw ICL Pakistani take on the rest of the best
IPL 2008

Setting the bar at an almost unassailable level, the IPL opened with a huge bang!

The most anticipated, richest, high profile league in the history of cricket lived up to the hype from day one
We aired all 44 days of action-packed T20 cricket, and a historic high number of viewers all over Pakistan, both males and females, all enjoyed this one-of-a-kind spectacle of true “cricketainment.”
Watch out for more to come…
Trination Tournament 2008

Live from Bangladesh, the traditional sub-continental Indo-Pak rivalry was once again re-ignited after the T20 extravaganzas of ICL and IPL, with the hosts playing the roll of an unwilling punching bag for their visiting rivals

The event lived up to the hype and so did our boys in green, bouncing back from a humiliating round-match loss to our arch-rivals, registering a comprehensive win in the Final
Asia Cup 2008

We promised – Six Nations, One Language

For the ensuing fortnight, that’s what we delivered, as Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, hosts Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and UAE locked horns in a battle for Asian supremacy – fought in the language of Cricket
Our Team Pakistan flailed and floundered, and then finally found the momentum to beat our recent Asian nemesis India, but it proved to be too little, too late, as defending Champs Sri Lanka repeated the feat, defeating India in the penultimate Final
Olympic 2008

549 hours of sports entertainment of the worlds biggest sports event was there on Geo Super

All only in 18 days
74 countries participated 137 sporting events , which was all brought to screen for viewers
MAC Kyukoshin

An other milestone in domestic sports development for Geo Super

Kyukoshin was the first martial art sport that was developed for the screens in Pakistan.
Coming up next under the same umbrella would be Jiujutsu
Khelo aur Jeeto

Khelo aur Jeeto is a Geo Super First and the country's first live interactive game show.

All you need to do is call in, answer a few questions live, play the game, and win cash at that very moment.
Callers will be questioned based on four basic central human skills – logic, visual recognition and verbal comprehension,
Ramiz's Lounge

A program which shows Ramiz Raja cricket analyst and commentator extraordinaire in an element all his own, in a way never seen before.

Sitting among friends in his own lounge Ramiz discusses cricket, its state in the nation and the world, and sport overall. Whatever comes up is open game, as we enter Ramiz’s Lounge
RBS Twenty20 Cup 07-08

Once again the domestic Twenty20 championship was made cricket event of the year for Pakistanis by Geo Super. The fiery matches between domestic teams were a live experience for the viewers till Sialkot Stallions emerged as a third time winner of the championship

Along with the entertainment offered by the twenty20 cricket expert analysis and musical performances were also telecasted live
Australia Vs India Series

Watch it live on Geo Super now as India progress aggressively towards victory against world champions

Coming up next…
We are looking to a full calendar of sports happening including events like Champion’s League, Pakistan vs Australia series , Australia tour to India an so on……
But its not the sports events only after launching Bottomline that is one stop sports news solution we would be launching top of the hour sports news bulletin and more of sports programming

World XI coming to Pakistan next month, confirms Sethi
Muguruza downs No. 1 Pliskova, Dimitrov reaches final
Halep plays for No. 1 in Cincy final with Muguruza
England thrash woeful West Indies in 1st Test
Cook and Anderson pile on agony for West Indies
Cook double century adds to Windies woes
Cook hails ´phenomenal´ Root after day/night double century stand
PCB condemns Umar Akmal’s 'reckless statements'
Halep advances in quest to win title, take No. 1 spot
Ton-up Root shines bright for England in Windies day/nighter
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